Q: I also see candidates running for regional councillor in this ward – are you running against them?

No, we are part of a two-tier municipal system, with the City of Oshawa as the lower-tier (sometimes called “local”) municipality and the Region of Durham the upper tier. Oshawa has 5 wards and each of those wards has two councillor representatives: you have one city councillor who sits only on Oshawa City Council, and one councillor who sits both on Oshawa City Council and on Durham Region Council (this councillor is often referred to as the “regional & city councillor”). I’m running for re-election to the position I currently occupy – Oshawa City Council’s Ward 4 seat – and the regional race for Ward 4 is a separate race with different candidates.

Q: Which political party banner are you running under?

Municipal politics in Canada don’t usually involve political parties. Candidates run as independent candidates.

Q: How do I vote?

You have several options to vote in this municipal election, including voting on election day (October 24), advance polling days (various locations and dates between October 6 and 16), mail-in ballots, and other options.

When you go in to vote, you’ll need proof of identification and address. If you want to vote in advance polls, you can go to any advance poll location. If you vote on election day, you can vote at any poll station in your ward.

You can find more information about voting here on the City of Oshawa’s voter information website.

Q: What ward do I live in?

Here’s a tool provided by the City of Oshawa to help you find your ward. If you know you live in Ward 4, here’s a map for reference.