Build a vital cultural and economic hub for the entire city while improving the lives of those in need

Poverty & Mental Health

Broad community strategies and partnerships to create pathways to health, success, and well-being for those with the least

Affordable Housing

Create catalysts for new non-profit affordable housing to address severe shortages

Community Forums

Improve democratic engagement and community connection by hosting regular community meetings with residents


Get ahead of coming provincial requirements, removing barriers and making the city more accessible for all

Arts & Culture

Foster growth in the sector to make our city a true creative and cultural hub to benefit both residents and visitors

Responsible Growth

Reconsider current growth model and look to models that maintain and improve the health of existing neighbourhoods and responsibly build new neighbourhoods


Both economic and environmental, setting up future generations for success and health

Equitable City

Where workers are respected, people aren’t left behind, and we address the widening inequality gap in society

Sound Governance

A council that leads by example through respect, open dialogue, and community engagement